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This is one of our Amazing Hustler Field Note Wallets. We made this for all you "Hustlers" grinders, ass-kickers, and name takers out there. This premium Field Note Wallet features one large pocket for your 3.5"x 5.5" Field Note Book two pockets for business cards yours and theirs and one large pocket for notes or what ever else. To top it off we install one pen slot with HUSTLE laser etched on the front to keep your eye on the prize, you moving forward and kicking ASS while taking NOTES.

Every Item that leaves my shop is built by my own 2 hands from start to finish. By doing this I can provide my customers with the highest quality they can ask for, this kind of attention to detail is what makes my products able to be passed down to generations.

* Handmade
* Horween Leather
* Show Harness Leather
* Made in Arizona

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