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 The "Insider" Holster is the most popular IWB (Inside Waist Band) Holster I Build.  It is comfortable used in the "appendix carry" position (in front of your hip bone) or behind your hip bone (more "standard concealed carry" positions.)

 A Feature that makes this Holster so popular also makes it extremely COMFORTABLE... is the Sweat Shield. 
This is the Leather on the backside that protects Your Skin from contact with the Slide and Sights on your Gun.  
The Sweat Shield is part of a second layer of Leather that helps Stiffen the Mouth opening, it extends around the Holster and keeps the opening from collapsing after the Gun is Drawn. This also makes one handed re-holstering easy. 
The Clip used on the "Insider" Holster is "Mold Injected Urethane" and is extremely durable. It is adjustable letting you set the "Cant" (Tilt of your Holster/Gun) you prefer.
The Holster can be used with your shirt "out" covering your gun or "tucked in" further concealing your weapon.
Two Screws attached at the bottom of the clip allows you to "tuck" your shirt in. Your shirt is "tucked in" between the Holster and the clip body, only the front of the clip is visible on your Gun Belt.
Every Item in my Shop is Hand Made by Me. I use the finest Quality Leather available from one of the oldest Tannery's in the US.  
While building every order, high attention to detail makes every piece from my shop "heirloom quality" to be passed down through generations.
Veteran Owned, all orders ship from my leather shop in Wadell, Arizona USA

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