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The Classic Thumb Break Holster is an all leather OWB, pancake-style holster with a thumb break and sweat shield. The precise shaping of the holster teams up with a thumb break to securely hold the handgun in place. The thumb break feature allows the user to lock their handgun down tightly with level 2 security. This style holster is low profile, and slim for easy concealment. It holds tight to the body by design and is incredibly comfortable. The standard cant is approximately 15 degree, intended to be worn on the strong side around the 3-5 o’clock position. Highly recommend this holster for an open carry option or with situations that need extra retention.  COMFORT: 4.5 STARS CONCEALMENT: 3.5 STARS 

Every Item that leaves my shop is built by my own 2 hands from start to finish.  By doing this I can provide my customers with the highest quality they can ask for, this kind of attention to detail is what makes my products able to be passed down to generations.

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