Outdoorsman Ruger GP100 4"

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Outdoorsman Right Handed for the Ruger GP100 4" finished in Brown and Mahogany with White stitching. 

The Outdoorsman is especially suited for revolvers but can work just as well with any other handgun. This holster sits a little lower and is made to be a straight pull. This holster comes lined and with a hammer thong, or strap & snap for the hammerless revolvers and semi automatics.  We have placed screws on the back of the Outdoorsman holster to make it so this holster can either be slid over a belt or undone and wrapped around any strapping that is 1.75" or smaller such as a backpack.  This is a great holster for outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting or just to take your favorite pistol with you anywhere. 


Every Item that leaves my shop is built by my own 2 hands from start to finish.  By doing this I can provide my customers with the highest quality they can ask for, this kind of attention to detail is what makes my products able to be passed down to generations.

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