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Custom leather chest holster ruger Alaskan

Just In Case Holsters is a gun-loving, Veteran Owned & Operated Custom Leather Holster Company.  I believe that your right to own and carry a concealed firearm is one of the most important privileges we have in our great country. 

As a Custom Holster Maker, I want to make sure that you can do it properly and comfortably.

I started this journey in 2007 after determining the average store-bought Leather Holster SUCKED. I realized then, the quality and craftsmanship I looked for was not going to be found on store shelves. I was going to have to do it myself.

After many trips to the local leather craft store and an unbelievable amount of money spent, research, practice, and prototypes made. I had the Quality and Craftsmanship I wanted in a Leather Holster. 

A Quality Holster must start with Quality Leather. The Veg-Tan Leather I use is tanned by Wickett & Craig Tannery (located in Pennsylvania). They are a US Company and have been processing leather for over 160 years.

My holsters are not a “one size fits all”. They are “Gun Specific” meaning they only fit one gun properly.  The Holster is “wet” molded to a mold (Dummy Gun) of your firearm. Wet molding to the Specific Firearm is one of the many steps to guarantee your unaltered gun will fit perfectly.

My values of Quality and Craftsmanship go hand in hand with my business values. There are no short cuts to a great Holster and, the same High-Quality values apply when ordering from me. I take great pride in my work and in my business values. My word is my bond.

Thank you for checking out the website. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about your Holster needs.  Feel free to send a message from the contact page or if you call, leave a message. I return call’s several times a day.

Proudly Made in the USA



Just In Case Holsters are custom-made to fit the standard factory firearm. 

Modification to the firearm, including & not limited to extended slide releases, laser sights, or any alteration to the frame or external dimensions of the firearm may cause the holster to fit improperly and could increase the risk of accidental discharge or damage to the firearm.  

No attempt should ever be made to alter or modify a Just In Case Holster or any other leather goods produced by me. 

All holsters and leather goods should be inspected prior, during, and after each use by the user for damage such as worn parts, loose stitching, poor retention, etc.  Should the holster become loose, defective, or ill-fitting at any time then the purchaser/user should cease use immediately of the product. 

Always make sure you test the holster for proper fitting and retention with an unloaded firearm before use.  Upon purchase of the holster or any accessories, it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser/user, to deem that the holster or accessory is safe and fit for their intended use.  

All risks and liability shall be on the purchaser/user of the holster and accessories in the way they are intended to be worn and used.  

By purchasing a Just In Case Holster or any leather item, the purchaser/user hereby acknowledges that firearms are dangerous and potentially deadly, and release JUST IN CASE HOLSTERS and its owner & associates from any and all liability of injuries or accidents relating to the use of the holster.