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Leather Care & Maintenance

Maintaining your Just In Case Holster is easy. Just follow a few simple rules and your new leather holster will last a lifetime. Our holsters are 100% hand made and finished. When you receive your Just In Case Holster the fit maybe be tight and may require some break in time. The best way to break in your holster is to just use it, but if you want to speed things up you can (making sure your firearm is Unloaded first) Holster and unholster over and over until the tightness is what you are wanting.

Holster Care Do’s & Dont’s

Do: Occasionally clean your new holster with Fiebings Aussie Conditioner, Dr Jackson Leather conditioner, Bick 4 leather conditioner, or DYO leather Balm. This only needs to be done once or twice a year, your holster comes with Fiebings Aussie already applied. This is all that is needed done to maint your custom holster. If your holster becomes overly dusty or dirty wiping off with a dry rag or using a soft brush to remove dirt and dust is what we recommend.

Don’t: Use oils such as Neats Foot or Mink oil, as they can cause mold issues and will soften the leather that I took a lot of time to mold correctly.

Don’t: Submerge or saturate your leather product in water or any other liquid

Don’t: Expose your holster to direct sunlight for extended periods of time it will darken the leather and dry it out as well.

Don’t: Dry your leather product with heat from a hair dryer, oven, radiator, direct sunlight, etc.