What do you suggest I use to break in my new holster?

You should always check the fit of your holster with the unloaded firearm.  The holster will likely be tight at first which is normal, as time goes on the leather will soften and form to your body & firearm which will allow for easier drawing & re-holstering of the firearm but still maintain a nice snug fit to the firearm. Do not apply any type of chemicals, conditioners, or any other products to the holster to help break it in.  Do not flex or crush your holster as it will cause it to loose its shape.

What is a sweat shield?

A Sweat Shield is a piece of leather that extends upwars on the back piece of the holster to help provide a barrier between your body and the slide of the firearm.  It does not cover the mag release or grip of the gun.

Can I get my holster made with a thumb-break?

Unless you’re in law enforcement, military, or using the holsters as open carry for your daily job then I do not recommend a thumb-break.  Our holsters are formed fitted to your specific firearm, which will provide excellent gun retention.  Thumb-breaks can give personal comfort when carrying the firearm but it may also hinder your ability to quickly draw your weapon.

What is the reinforcement piece?

The reinforcement piece is an additional piece of leather that is sewn to the mouth of the holster to provide added support when re-holstering your firearm.  The reinforcement piece comes standard on all my holsters but can be removed if you don’t want it.

Do you make holsters for left handed shooters?

We sure do!  The option of left or right-handed draw is available at checkout online.

Can my holster be made from exotic skins?

Yes, it sure can!  I don’t typically carry exotic leather on hand because of the cost but if you have a specific type and color in mind then let me know and I can get it for you!

Do you make holsters for firearms that have flashlight rail attachments?

There are many variations of lights and lasers that can attach to firearms, unfortunately its impossible to have every type on hand.  However, if you are willing to ship me the laser/light then I can make a holster to fits your needs.

What holster do you have in stock?

We currently do not stock any holsters, each holster is custom made to order to your specific needs.  In the future, we may try to stock a few of the common firearm holsters.

Belts clips or belt loops for my IWB?

It’s a personal preference. Metal clips allow the holster to be taken on and off easier, they are adjustable, and give you the ability to tuck in your shirt in between the holster and clips. On the flip side, metal clips can be rough on anything that comes into contact with it on a regular basis such as your belt, clothing, car upholstery, etc.  The belts loops are a “pull-the-dot” directional snap that gives security but are not adjustable or tuckable.  Once again, its personal preference.

Do I need double stitching on my holster/belt?

Double stitching isn’t absolutely necessary; its designed to provide additional security to the holster or belt, and gives the products another touch of sweetness.

Do you line your holsters?

No we don’t unless requested.  Suede lining is tanned with chemical that can cause your firearm to rust.  Lining can also trap dirt and moisture, which will further damage your firearm.  A properly fitted holster is the best way to minimize the amount of wear on your firearm.

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