Kodiak Chest Holster



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Our Kodiak chest holster is designed for a comfortable and easy way to carry your backup firearm for all you hunters, outdoorsmans, backpackers, ranchers, fishermen, outfitters and guides out there. Our Kodiak chest holster is very adjustable from a 100 pound petite female to the 400+ pound mountain of a man, this holster covers them all.

The Kodiak Chest Holster is an ideal Holster for anyone spending time in the outdoors on foot, horseback, airplane/helicopter, 4 wheeler, or snow machine. When worn properly, your handgun is easily retrievable and will stay in place even while doing strenuous activities.

Every Item that leaves my shop is built by my own 2 hands from start to finish. By doing this I can provide my customers with the highest quality they can ask for, this kind of attention to detail is what makes my products able to be passed down to generations.

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